The Ascension Circle

Where Divine Feminine Leaders step into their truth, light and POWER!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling unfulfilled, like something is missing from your life, but you’re not entirely sure “what”? 

Are you disempowered? Not speaking your truth? Manifesting the opposite of your desires?  

Are you stuck, confused, and yearning for more?  

Do you know deep down there’s so much more for you out there, but you just don’t know how to tap into it?

All of life’s problem are rooted in the same fundamental problem: A disconnect from Source/ your intuition (the knowingness within you)  

A disconnect from your Divine Feminine Flow!

The Ascension Circle is a home coming to all that you are, all that you’re destined for, and a reconnection back into Source, to truth, to alignment, fulfilment, empowerment, truth, and your unique Divine Feminine Gift.

We will begin by establishing a firm connection to Source and allowing your soul gifts to activate. From here you begin to feel the connection, activate your effotless receiving power and fall into alignment with your true soul gifts + desires. We aren't meant to do this work alone, but with support of your soul sisters, guides and angels. 

Through the 4-months expect deep healing, transformation and an opening + allowing that happens. This is a program built for deep energetic shifts and stepping into your power. It's time to get into alignemnet with your true dreams, visions and receive beyond belief. 

Are you feeling called to step into your role as a Divine Feminine Leader?

- Meditations

- Channeling 

- Intuitive healing

- Releasing distortions  

- Surrender & Release Method

- Body, Mind & Soul integration

- Unlimited support from Rebecca Ann

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Join the Mission:

Who is this Ascension Circle for?

- Mothers

- Healers  

- Teachers 

- Entreprenuers

- Network Marketers

- Women with corporate jobs 

What Carrie W. has to say...

I was very apprehensive about joining the ascension circle as I found it extremely hard to voice myself, express my feelings and deepest wounds, so the thought of going on live calls with complete strangers just freaked me out, but I bit the bullet and felt more at ease after the first call.  

Within weeks I have gone from someone afraid to talk, about ANYTHING might I add, to someone who has more confidence in what I want to say and what I believe in, each week my voice got louder, to a point when I noticed that Rebecca didn’t have to lean into the computer to hear me better. 

Each of the calls were amazing. From beautiful deep healings on so many levels to raw emotions being brought up to the surface to be acknowledged and healed, plus lots of laughter in between. With the right support from Rebecca and the other beautiful ladies I have blossomed and bloomed.  

I now know where I want to progress in life, I have found my talent, my gift and just as important, it has helped me to find myself, who had been hidden for far too many years. I have more clarity and tools to bring my vibration back up when needed.

Rebecca is kind, caring and compassionate, so much space is held for you, this is where I could show my vulnerability in its rawness, somewhere safe, somewhere where all you feel is love, somewhere where you are heard with no judgement. I miss these ladies a lot now it’s been a few weeks since our last call, but I know that the connection that was made between us all was something special and we will always be there to support each other. Thank you Rebecca for bringing us together and for just being you. ~ Carrie Wylde, Healer

The Host:

Rebecca Ann - Divine Intutive Healer

Rebecca Ann is a highly intuitive healer whose mission is to help feminine leaders step into their POWER through her signature method Soul Expansion. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Business Administration. 

 As a soul expansion expert, she helps women integrate their body, mind and soul at the cellular level for lasting change and sustainable success. Rebecca Ann believes, in order to expand your business, you must first dive deep into your own healing and step into the idea that you can have it all. This is where flow returns, balance is restored, and change has resulted. She runs a highly successful spiritual lifestyle blog, The Blue Empath where she drops the real truths about life that everyone can relate to. 

As a global traveler Rebecca Ann also completed a Masters in Fashion Management in Milan, Italy where she helped luxury companies brand their new products and services. She and her fiancé, Kyle, split their time between Jackson Hole WY and Palm Beach FL, living their dream of location independence and time freedom. 


12-Group Calls  

4-Intgeration weeks  

BONUS: 4 1:1 Intuitive Healing Sessions 


"Thank you for being such a blessing to us all.. you have helped me grow dramatically and I’m finally connected to my truth and authenticity. I’m so excited for myself and how the rest will unfold for me. Thank you Rebecca Ann for staying true to yourself and following your path, I am so grateful for you. I can’t wait to help women as much as you’ve helped me." ~ Jacqueline C.

"Rebecca’s energy and passion for transformation is infectious. She is the real deal and what she teaches comes from the heart and soul of her own life experiences. Do yourself a favor and say YES to your chance to be guided by her." ~ Andee L.

"The most amazing thing to me is that I’ve been able to let go of a lot of anger and resentment that I was sure I would hold on to forever. You truly have a gift and I am so thankful that you are willing to open up and share it with everyone!” ~ Alexandra C.

"Rebecca helped me realize I have to let go all the negative feelings and belief systems because if I don’t, I wont get my happy ending. She helped me to realize that forgiveness is the answer to all.” ~ Ruiqi Q.