• Meditation 1: Healing + Releasing Ancestral Feminine Wounding
  • Meditation 2: Golden White Light + Claim Your Power
  • Meditation 3: Feminine Body Healing (releasing distortions)
  • Meditation 4: Opening + Healing The Sacral Chakra
  • Meditation 5: Releasing Toxic Programming (reptilian brain reset)
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Are you manifesting / desiring all the things (money,house, freedom, the man), but can’t seem to receive them? Feeling lost, disconnected, stuck in hustling and not meeting the results you're wanting so badly?

Girl I get you because I've been in the same place. Through healing and working with clients + myself, I've learned that when a women is feeling this, it's because she's out of alignment with her DIVINE FEMININE FLOW!

Divine Feminine Flow is when you're flowing in your feminine power. Effortlessly and easily attracting people/places/money/situations that are in alignment for your highest good of all. No hustling, but pure cosmic connection that rearranges your life for the good. 

As divine feminine leaders our power is in our presence. It’s in the way we speak, the way we hold ourselves and the way we receive in the stillness. This is for you if you're ready to get back into alignment with your feminine receiving power and heal the feminine ancestral traumas + wounds that hold you back. Time to step into your inner goddess and honor her!! 

Rebecca Ann is a highly intuitive healer, Priestess of Power and generational multi-millionaire whose mission is to help women re-define success, leadership and embody the new wealthy woman.  

As a Intuitive healer and Priestess, she challenges women to lift the veil even further to the Divine guidance that surrounds them and tune into this guidance that is readily available. Rebecca Ann believes to step into true alignment with our soul we must heal our generational lines, embrace our unique gifts, and unapologetically share them with the world. This is where balance is restored, flow returns, and change has resulted. 

As a global traveler Rebecca Ann also completed a Masters in Fashion Management in Milan, Italy where she helped luxury companies brand their new products and services. She and her fiancé, Kyle, split their time between Jackson Hole WY and Palm Beach FL, living their dream of location independence and time freedom. 

Rebecca Ann Divine Intuitve Healer

Love For Rebecca Ann

"The calls were amazing - beautiful deep healings on so many levels to raw emotions being brought to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. Plus, lots of laughter in between. With the right support from Rebecca and the other beautiful ladies, I have blossomed and bloomed. I have found my gift, but just as important, it has helped me to find myself, who had been hidden for far too many years.  

Rebecca is kind, caring, compassionate and so much space is held for you. This is where I could show my vulnerability in its rawness, because it was safe and all you feel is love, somewhere where you are heard with no judgement. Thank you Rebecca for bringing us together and for just being you."  

- Carrie Wylde, Intutive Healer  

"Rebecca helped me release old stories and relationships, which I was having a hard time procesing through, and now I don't have the emotional charge when I think abou them. Also, she helped me to establish my connection to divine source, guidance and now I have those intutive moments, which I was really wanting. I encourage anyone on the fence of working with Rebecca, to do it. You're being called for a reason."  

- Chelsey Sobotta  

"An Incredible experience! Rebecca Ann made me feel so comfortable and held so much space for me during the whole session. She was able to tune in and identify a situation from my past where I needed to call back my power. So, we did an incredible powerful exercise together and it was amazing. If you're thinking about working with Rebecca Ann, I highly reccomend it. "  

- Jill Wurtzelman, Energy Healer through EFT

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