Are you a Priestess?

Hey there, I'm Rebecca Ann! There was a time before I crowned myself as a Divine Intutive Healer and Priestess of Power, where I hid my intutive and healing abilities. 

A time when I gave my power away, doubted myself, followed the crowds, duplicated others messages, hid my intuitive gifts/downloads, and looked to others for validation in fear of not being understood. 

Until I decided no more. 

Now, I own my title as Healer, Priestess of Power and generational multi-millionaire.

I don't claim to be a "coach" or to help you scale your income. 

I am a deep level healer and energy expert whose been doing this work for lifetimes. 

You've never meet a Priestess like me. 

I will take you back lifetimes to heal generational wounds, re-grid your energy, embrace your psyhcic gifts, learn the 5-D skills of a Priestess and connect with the Archangels and Ascended Masters.

As a Priestess I will challenge you to lift the veil even further to the divine guides that surround you and unleash your intuitive abilities.

Feeling the call?

As your Priestess I will hold you in the energetic transformation, while challenging you to fully step in and activate every cell in your body and soul.

When you work with me, you sign a sacred contract between you and the Divine to go all in and show up for your soul work. Where you will heal, unleash your power and crown yourself. 

Priestess Training

Skills you'll be learning:

Energetic Protection + Management

Opening and expanding your channel

Attuning to the Archangels + Ascended Masters

Soul + Divine Feminine Activations

Energy Healing, Reading and Alchemy  

Past Life + Ancestrial Healing 

Re-coding and griding your energy for true success and leadership

Subtle bodies and Dimensions

Client Gratitude

"Throughout my spiritual journey and ascension into Priestesshood, I have worked with many healers all over the world. My experience with Rebecca was one I’ll remember forever. Her gift is entirely unique and life-alteringly powerful. She managed to pin point the source of an old wound and took me back seven lifetimes to eliminate it. A truly gifted healer, I would recommend her to anyone who wants actual results from healing. Rebecca is the real deal."  

- Harriette Hale, High Priestess of Light & Leading Money Consciousness Coach 

"It was so powerful. I was very much dropped in, but there were little physical awarenesses of my system actually releasing and re-griding. She hit on things that I've never talked about with anyone before. It is her intutive power to connect to me, my guides and channel - which is mind blowing. I was able to release some really big cords I'd been holding onto for lifetimes." 

- Andee Love, High Level Transformation & Embodiment Coach 

 "The most powerful healing session I've ever had. And it moves me to tears thinking about all the beautiful releasing that happened on a generational level. She helped me release wounds inside of me that had been carried on through generations and I could feel it like a weight being lifted off my sholders. She is so connected to Divine, our guides and love. I cannot reccomend her enough." 

- Jessica Hutto, Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive

Priestess Training

Month 1 & 2: The Healing

To begin your journey to tapping into your inner healer, you first have to heal yourself. You will receive a minimum of 6 deep healing sessions wheer we will focus on breaking generational patterns, healing past lives and divine feminine healings with me to begin cracking you open. This is where the magic truly begins.  

Month 3 & 4: The Unleashing

As you begin to dive deeper into your own healing you will begin to notice your unique gifts and inuition become louder. Together we will explore different moadilities, attune you to the archangels + ascended masters and do the energetic work to expand your channel. This is all about walking you through the healing because these concepts can't just be taught. They have to be felt and received. 

Month 5 & 6: The Leading

As Divine Feminine leaders it is our job to unapologetically release our unique gifts and serve others. In the last 2 months I will challenge you to share your power with the world (even when it's scary) and to begin helping your soul monadic clients. This step is all about leading from the heart and with humility. We will focus on service through true alignement! 

This is for the women who:

- Feels a deeper mission and message to offer the world, but isn't exactly sure what it is yet. She feels stuck and wondering...what to do next?!

- Feels called to be a leader within the collective healing we began in the Aquarian Age. Wondering...what is my place in this healing movemement?

- Knows her next level of leadership and success is within herself. She is the bridge to her next level and is ready to look within while taking massive resposibility for her life.

- Wants to embody a new level of Divine Feminine Leadership and re-define success, leadership and wealth within her life to increase her impact. She is Ready to release a poverty mindset and truly set herself free.

- Is a spiritual entrepenuer who doesn't need another structure or strategy. She's willing to go deep into her personal healing to unleash more of her soul.

1:1 Priestess Training

1:1 6-month container

18 Sessions (via Zoom) 

1 VIP day (in-person) 

Unlimited support from Rebecca Ann

I am so ready (6 payments of $1,667)!!


Rebecca Ann is a highly intuitive healer, Priestess of Power and generational multi-millionaire whose mission is to help women re-define success, leadership and embody the new wealthy woman. 

As a master in energy healing and Priestess, she challenges women to lift the veil even further to the Divine guidance that surrounds them and tune into this guidance that is readily available. Rebecca Ann believes to step into true alignment with our soul we must heal our generational lines, embrace our unique gifts, and unapologetically share them with the world. This is where balance is restored, flow returns, and change has resulted. 

Feeling the call, but have questions?

Totally understandable! Let's hop on a call, have a soul chat and see if you're ready to step into your Priestess Power.

Client Gratitude

"The calls were amazing - beautiful deep healings on so many levels to raw emotions being brought to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. Plus, lots of laughter in between. With the right support from Rebecca and the other beautiful ladies, I have blossomed and bloomed. I have found my gift, but just as important, it has helped me to find myself, who had been hidden for far too many years.  

Rebecca is kind, caring, compassionate and so much space is held for you. This is where I could show my vulnerability in its rawness, because it was safe and all you feel is love, somewhere where you are heard with no judgement. Thank you Rebecca for bringing us together and for just being you."  

- Carrie Wylde, Intutive Healer  

"Rebecca helped me release old stories and relationships, which I was having a hard time procesing through, and now I don't have the emotional charge when I think abou them. Also, she helped me to establish my connection to divine source, guidance and now I have those intutive moments, which I was really wanting. I encourage anyone on the fence of working with Rebecca, to do it. You're being called for a reason."  

- Chelsey Sobotta  

"An Incredible experience! Rebecca Ann made me feel so comfortable and held so much space for me during the whole session. She was able to tune in and identify a situation from my past where I needed to call back my power. So, we did an incredible powerful exercise together and it was amazing. If you're thinking about working with Rebecca Ann, I highly reccomend it. " 

- Jill Wurtzelman, Energy Healer through EFT


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